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  1. Research and Technical Service

Research and Technical Service

Research and Technical Service

Research and Technical Service

Since the Industrial Revolution, the massive use of fossil fuels accompanying the increase in energy demand, the strond food demand due to the population increase worldwide became obvious, securing sustainable energy source and prevention of global warming has been discussed as urgent issues. Although it is not easy to derive a solution, it draws on its realization with diversification and effective utilization of energy.
In Meiwa Co., Ltd., we are working on Research and Development while gathering and fusing all the technologies from the past to the most advanced, looking at the next generation.

Examples of Industry-academia-government
collaboration project

Main Industry-academia-government collaboration projects

Our technologyCooperation partners
Pentagene system
(Pyrolysys of woody biomass and poultry feces)
Tokyo University
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Rapid pyrolysis and bio oil
(Circulating fluidized bed · Auger type)
Tokyo University
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and
National Institute of Advanced Industrial
Science and Technology
Methane fermentation
(Fuel cell / bio oil)
Kanazawa University
Public Works Research Institute
Kyushu University (Fuel cell / bio oil)
Tottori University of Environmental Studies
Progressive-Freezing-ConcentrationIshikawa Prefectural University
Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa
Ishikawa Agriculture Research Center
DecontaminationTokyo University (for Soil)
Tohoku University (for Bark)
Gasification of charcoalTokyo Univerisity
(for Cogeneration System)
Tokyo Institute of Technology
(for Disaster Support System)
Bio oil · wood vinegar solutionKagoshima University

Detail.1Methane Fermentation

Meiwa Co., Ltd. participated in Ishikawa prefecture's "methane emission control technology review committee" in FY2011, was entrusted with the project "Technology development of mixed high efficiency methane fermentation of garbage and herbaceous biomass" from the Ministry of the Environment in collaboration with Kanazawa University and several companies in FY2013, participated in the joint research "Research on effective utilization of methane gas suitable for small scale processing facility" in collaboration with Public Works Research Institute, Kanazawa University and several companies in FY2014. After the R & D, Meiwa Co., Ltd. completed the development of the methane fermentation.

Technology development of composite high efficiency methane fermentation of garbage and herbaceous
biomass (2 years project)

  • Implementation flow

    Implementation flow

  • Methane fermentor

    Methane fermentor

Effective utilization of methane gas suitable for small-scale processing facilities (one year project)

In FY2014, it was implemented at Chubu Clean Center in Naka Noto Town.

  • Methane Utilization Ishikawa Model Process Flow

    Methane Utilization Ishikawa Model Process Flow

  • Test scene

    Test scene

In-house test (30 m3 scale tank, FY2015 and later)

Development of stirring mechanism under high viscosity digested sludge condition in highly concentrated raw material.

Construction of regional energy circulation system combining high efficiency fuel cell and regenerative biogas

(Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development, Japan Science and Technology Agency).
Re-entrusted from Kyushu University, we started business from FY2016 and installed bench-scale methane fermentation system at the end of FY2017

Medium Noto-machi Biomass Methane Fermentation Facilities Mechanical Electrical Equipment Construction

Designed and installed a methane fermentation tank of 300m3 scale in CY2017. The feedstock for the methane fermentation supplied to the tank from April, 2017 and the continous operation commenced from October, 2017. It has been in operation since then.

Detail.2Gasification of Charcoal

We, Meiwa Co., Ltd. are currently confident that we are the top runner in the pyrolysis machinery market of Japan approximately 20 years after a pyrolysis equipment was installed as a demonstration one at the co-drying facility of JA(Japan Agricultural Cooperatives) in Komatsu city in 1996, starting with rice husk carbonization. Along with the recent promotion of the use of renewable energy and the increase in the number of power producers because of FIT (Feed-in-Tariff), the pyrolysis technology has gathered attentions as biomass gasification. However, there is still issue existing that the tar produced from biomass by pyrolysis makes bad functional effects on various devices in an equipment, and everyone agrees that it is recognized as a major technical issue.

Therefore, we regard and treat pyrolysis as pretreatment, and focus on technology to gasify charcoal produced in the pyrolys process, and in recent years we are carrying out empirical research as "gasification of charcoal". Since most of the charred materials are carbon, the composition of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen is almost unchanged in the gasification gas, and substances like tar are also not produced as byproducts.
As part of the cogeneration system from Tokyo University for three years from FY2015, we got a contract for charcoal gasification equipment (batch type), and conducted a demonstration test on the farm in Katori city, Chiba prefecture. in FY2017, we got a contract to design and produce larger continuous charcoal gasification system from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

From the project ordered from the University of Tokyo

  • Demonstration Plant (Green House)

    Demonstration Plant (Green House)

  • Gasifier


  • States of Charcoal Gasification

    States of Charcoal Gasification

Testing and Analysis Service

Testing and Analysis Service

Meiwa Co., Ltd. sets up test and demonstration equipment in the test building, so that we can respond to customer's individual needs uniformly, and we are developing products. For example, it is possible to test using the following equipment.

  • Carbonization equipment (batch type, rotary type): Carbonization of various biomass and
    brown coal, generation of wood vinegar
  • Gasification power generator: gasification of charcoal, wood chips, pellets and dry chicken feces
  • Expansion softening equipment: reforming of rice husk, etc. and its performance evaluation
  • Progressive freezing concentration machine: Concentrate sake, flavor, milk, fruit juice, etc.
  • Methane fermentation equipment: Anaerobic fermentation test of various biomass
  • Biomass burner: heat utilization of wood chips and pellets (heat source of burner)
  • Biomass boiler: heat utilization of wood chips and pellets (hot water)
  • Bio oil production equipment: generation of bio oil
  • Compost base material: composting wet biomass
  • Agricultural utilization of charred materials: Analysis of various components and cultivation
    test (field or pot test of in-house or third party organization)
  • Thermogravimetry Analysis

Any various examination and inspection at our company is feasible if you consider effective use of resources and waste disposal. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries on our technology.