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Our Brand

Message from the President

Meiwa Co., Ltd. was initiated as one of small ironworks that could be found anywhere in Japan. Believing that we could do much more than this, we embarked on the enviornmental plant manufacturing sector to create added-values by ourselves, After decades, we have won more than 60% market share as a dust collection plant supplier for industrial agricultural facilities. Coupled with many other solutions for the agricultural industry, ranging from drying bins for grain storage and wastewater treatment systems, Meiwa has been recognized as one of the most trustworthy SMEs with diverse environmental plant technologies.

Having been established as a technology-oriented company, Meiwa developed its first biomass carbonization plant after hearing the voices of our clients who were struggling to manage the vast amount of rice husk after milling process. We kept undertaking new technological development in the areas of biomass utilization, such as methane fermentation, gasification and rice husk- and wood-chip softening and expansion.

In Japan, biomass industry has long been called as unprofitable business area since we had many other industrial pillars of economic development. However, the time has changed and now we are living in the world where achievement of circular economy and sustainable society, symbolized as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), has become more important than ever. Now everybody understands the value of our 20 years invested in biomass utilization technology development.

I hereby declare that Meiwa continues to be a technology-oriented company that delivers innovative solutions to the clients in the field of environment and agriculture by listening to the needs of clients.

上野 高正

September 2018
Takamasa Ueno
President, Meiwa Co., Ltd.

The power of "め"- What Meiwa's logo means


Meiwa's logo is inspired by one of the 50 letters on the Japanese syllabary め(pronounced as "me"). The double line represents the mechanical structure of Meiwa's enviornmental plant and also circulating nature of the environmentally-friendly society that we can help achieve.

The Japanese letter "め" expresses our resolution that we aim to keep the origin of Japanese manufacturing spirit while expanding our business to overseas.

The simple letter "め(me)" also is a Japanese word, meaning sprout.
The sprouts of the environmental technologies
we planted decades ago are now about to bloom worldwide.