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  1. For Sustainable Lifestyle

For Sustainable Lifestyle

For Sustainable Lifestyle

Meiwa Co., Ltd. is a company that has been facing firewood, charcoal and agriculture for many years. Based on experienced biomass technology and experience in the agricultural field, we have a lineup for individuals, forestry associations and small farmers, and we will help everyone's nature get one step closer to the true nature.

Heat utilization of biomass

Relax and warmth with the flame of biomass

Japan is a country with the mountainous area which reaches more than 60% of the land with abundant biomass. Our products use thinned wood, firewood, charcoal and pellets as fuel, and create a comfortable space with old-fashioned way of warming up. Would you like to introduce a little luxurious everyday to your home?

Domestic recycling

Reduce the burden on households and the environment by recycling

The voices from many municipalities for technology to recycle raw garbage and rice husk are increasing more and more in recent years while they pay for garbage collection or strictly limit the burning of the garden. Meiwa Co., Ltd. provides small-scale solutions for families and individual farmers.

  • Garbage disposal Household compost Kataiko

    Garbage disposal Household compost "Kataiko"

Agricultural products and agricultural materials

Natural food and agriculture

Rice and vegetables are main foods eaten daily to be part of the body. Needs for foods made with more natural farming methods that do not rely on chemical substances are growing regardless of country or region. Meiwa Co., Ltd. has over 10 years experience in using agricultural use of charred materials and wood vinegar produced from carbonization equipment developed by our company, through growth survey, quality / taste test and ingredient analysis by our own field and research institution, We offer safe and safe vegetables and agricultural materials to nurture it.

  • Special cultivation Koshihikari Suzumi Rice (collaboration product with Takemoto Farm)

    Special cultivation Koshihikari "Suzumi Rice"
    (collaboration product with Takemoto Farm)

  • Natural fertilizer with soil condition effect (Lifechar Pittanko)

    Natural fertilizer with soil condition effect (Lifechar "Pittanko")

  • Wood vinegar(repellents, countermeasures against foot-and-mouth disease, fertilizer supplement)

    Wood vinegar
    (repellents, countermeasures against foot-and-mouth disease,
    fertilizer supplement)