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  1. Agriculture



Meiwa Co., Ltd. entered the market more than 40 years ago as a forerunner of environmental equipment manufacturers in agricultural facilities. Having the large share in the market: especially for dust collectors and wastewater treatment plants, we have overwhelming deliveries record in all 47 prefectures in Japan for dust collectors and 28 prefectures for wastewater treatment plants. We continue to suggest products that meet the needs of the market trend by production and sales of agricultural materials as charcoal available for natural fertilization and soil conditioning, and wood vinegar serving as fertilizer supplement or foot-and-mouth disease control pesticide and insect repellent, and development of small dust collector for small farmers.

Agriculture Equipment

  • Dust collector plant

    Dust collector plant

    Our dust collector plant can remove dust generated during drying and hulling of raw rice in drying and storage facility such as country elevator and rice center. It is one of the representative products of Meiwa Co., Ltd., which began selling in 1973 and delivered to more than 1,500 places in 47 prefectures nationwide. In recent years, demands are increasing in other industries such as for dust collection in automobile recycling plants.

  • Wastewater treatment plant

    Wastewater treatment plant

    Another representative product is water treatment plant that processes wastewater, containing agricultural chemicals to the environmental standard value or lower, in seedlings and facilities, etc. It began selling in 1993 and delivered to more than 150 locations in 28 prefectures nationwide. We also have products corresponding to the standard values of COD (chemical oxygen demand), BOD (biological oxygen demand), SS (suspended particles) in another model; for example, it is used for processing of rice-water.

  • Rice Husk Expansion softening equipment

    Rice Husk Expansion softening equipment

    Processing of rice husk, regardless of size, in range from individual farmers to agricultural facilities, has become a big issue for business operators. Meiwa's expansion softening equipment softens hard rice husk and turns them into substances rich in water absorbency. This expanded softened rice husk can be used as a base material for making compost, and has a higher composting promoting effect than the normally used material (peat moss), it is clarified by collaboration between our company and the university. This is recognized as a Kanazawa model, and we sell it as a compost material even at our company.

* In addition to the above, Meiwa Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells a number of related equipment such as dry storage tank, paddle sampler, pre-duster, etc.

Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service

Many agricultural facilities are aging, and it is necessary to thoroughly maintain the facility through replacement or periodic maintenance, so that the facility can be reliably operated at the harvesting time. Based on achievements of over 40 years, Meiwa Co., Ltd. conducts reliable maintenance and inspection service. Experienced staff estimates the necessity of replacement and repair costs. We would like you to feel free to contact us anytime even if you do not know whether it is made by Meiwa Co., Ltd. or you can not identify the problem.

Agricultural materials

Meiwa Co., Ltd. manufactures not only equipment but also verifies the usefulness of charcoal and wood vinegar produced from our equipment by ourselves and third parties. In recent years, the natural fertilizer "Pittanko"(biochar) has been approved as a certificated fertilizer of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and has received a number of Ishikawa prefecture prize, and the presence of Meiwa Co,Ltd. is increasing as an agricultural material manufacturer. Through the production and sales of Meiwa Co., Ltd, we will help you to bring your agriculture one step closer to the true nature.

  • Natural fertilizer with soil condition effect(Lifechar Pittanko)

    Natural fertilizer with soil condition effect
    (Lifechar "Pittanko")

  • Wood vinegar(repellents, countermeasures against foot-and-mouth disease, fertilizer supplement)

    Wood vinegar
    (repellents, countermeasures against foot-and-mouth disease,
    fertilizer supplement)