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First step for bringing innovations to the ground.

Please contact us for further information on the inquiry form below.

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1. Carbonization machines

Please provide us with the information if you already know. The more specific, the better.

Type of feedstock
Water content
Required capacity


  • Please indicate “unknown” or “to be discussed” if you are unsure at the moment.
  • Meiwa may ask you to give some photos and/or videos of the exact ingredient and proposed project location for smooth communication.
2. Drought Hero / Biochar
Type of crops
Expected purpose of use
Required amount
3. Wood vinegar
Expected purpose of use
Required amount range
4. Bio-toilet(under development phase)
5. Consulting services

Consulting on formulation of carbonization projects related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Climate Smart Agriculture, Base of the Pyramid (BOP) business, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), etc.

6. Research and analysis services

Carbonization technologies, biochar application, wood vinegar application, etc.

7. Others

The problem you want to solve with our expertise; please specify.

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