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  1. Management Policy

Management Policy


Since its foundation in 1964, Meiwa has been aiming to be a leading company in the field of agriculture, renewable energy and environment by:

  1. Creative thinking and persistent effort towards sustainable development of our society;
  2. Delivery of safe and sound products to our customers; and
  3. Disciplined and quality work based on decades of experience.

September 2018
Takamasa Ueno
President, Meiwa Co., Ltd.

Quality and Environmental Policy

Based on the mission, we have set the following quality and environmental policy.

  1. We achieve customer satisfaction by delivering quality products and credible services.
  2. We comply with laws, regulations, agreed customer requirements regarding quality and environment.
  3. We keep improving our operation by establishing an integrated management system.
  4. We educate our staff on quality and environment policy and facilitate their implementation.
  5. We aim to contribute to sustainable development of our society by the followings:
    • (1)Delivering low-carbon technologies
    • (2)Improving nitrogen cycle
    • (3)Conserving biodiversity
    • (4)Reducing air and aquatic pollution
    • (5)Addressing food security, energy and waste management issues associated with environment
  6. All the above-mentioned contents of the policy is communicated to our staff through bulletin board and our corporate website.
  7. September 2018
    President, Meiwa Co., Ltd.